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Alev Baymur is a renowned Turkish Film, theatre/stage actor and Ballerina.

She started at the young age of 8 in the world of art and creativity.  Her journey began at  Hacettepe University at Ankara as she gradutated as a premier Soloist, Ballet, Piano, Solfege and Animation Expert. She has starred in notable Cinema,TV series and Feature Films in Turkey. She entered politics early 2002 as a member of the CHP and was the parliamentary candidate in the 2004 and 2008  elections. Her notable contributions include being a State artist, İstanbul City Art Commissioner and member of the national Oympic committee.

Business Endeavors:

Alev Baymur has a range of successful business across the globe, primarily focusing on Turkey and United States of America. Some of her major initiatives are:

  • Marketing, Strategy, Financial and Legal Services Company with the aim to build and apply knowledge of local culture, customs and regulations to ensure a smooth start-up and transition of operations for businesses: ve
  • Ecommerce Portal dealing with Exquisite goods from the mystic Grand Bazaar, Istanbul:
  • Apparel Portal established for the development of the performing arts in Turkey:


Alev Baymur established the first dance Agency at Turkey.

She directed successful musical plays “Abduction of Girl-Palace Fantastica” and “Little Prince Musical”.

She has been on majorly popular television programs, including performance with Rudolf Nureyev in Istanbul Opera and Ballet Company.


Alev Baymur has spent 16 years working for government opera ballet as a soloist dancer, during this time she worked in movies and TV programs.  She worked for 16 years at National Opera and Ballet of Istanbul.

She is an avid technology enthusiast; in a major step in Turkey’s ballet scene she introduced 3D and hologram when she became the director at opera ballet and musical.

Aley Baymur is an esteemed member of the Olympic committee in Turkey She is on her sport program, where she manages the teachers.

Social Work:


1990 "Small Worlds" best female actor in the drama.


  • 1983 - The Wolf and the Lamb
  • 1990 - Mr. President
  • 1990 - Small World
  • 1993 - Peace Fought
  • 1993 - Untitled
  • 1996 - Shadows
  • 2000 - Fingers Of Lives
  • 2000 - A Love Greenhouse
  • 2013 - Abduction of Girl-Palace
  • 2016 - Little Prince Musical
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